Video poker has become one of the most widespread online casino games. The number of players wanting to play this fantastic game is constantly growing. The payout percentage in video poker is quite high (about 90%), which is another reason why people play it. Video poker machines are similar to traditional slots. The main task is to make the best combination of five cards. You can find different types of video poker, but we will introduce you to the most common ones:

  1. Jacks or Better – this game is very popular today. It is played with a standard deck (52 cards). A pair of jacks in this game is the smallest winning combination.
  2. Wild deuces – it is important to know that the minimum winning combination in this game is three cards of the same rank. We also use a standard deck of deuces, which are jokers.
  3. Wild Joker – This game uses a joker (wild card), which is added to the standard deck (52 cards). Joker can replace any card.
  4. King of the deck – here we are also dealing with a standard deck (52 cards). In addition, the jackpot is progressive here. It can be won by collecting five identical cards (5 decks are used in the game).


  • Play the coins with the highest value. We advise you to do this, because in this case your winnings will be higher. However, if you are not satisfied with this, you can choose other video poker machines that do not use high denomination coins. Five-cent machines are one of the options .
  • It is highly recommended that you do not fold a deuce while playing Wild Deuces. In this game, the deuce is the joker, which is of great importance in the game.
  • Remember, you should not choose video poker machines that offer multi-deck games because this will reduce your chances of winning.
  • Before you start playing video poker, study the characteristics of the slot machine. Search the internet and study all the information you can get.